At Oldham Inspiring Youth we are committed to developing the leadership of all young people, supporting them to reflect, articulate and transfer their skills and experience to other settings, such as employment. We also appreciate the support provided by a community member to aid our vision and mission, and we certainly believe your expertise and knowledge will go a long way.

We have developed programmes to aid in developing current and upcoming coaches; with support from our partners, we can create a fantastic pathway to accelerate development and provide support and guidance to learn essential skills and technique and will provide all coaches with opportunities to coach with support from senior members at Oldham Inspiring Youth to aid development.

We don't stop there, we are committed to giving the best opportunities to each individual and make certain we create a clear and structured platway to develop overall skills, techniques and knowledge to accelerate  growth within your chosen sport or pathway.

What to expect as a Volunteer?

  • Clear opportunities to progress within Oldham Inspiring Youth.
  • Support and guidance through 1-2-1 coaching and opportunities to gain valuable qualifications.
  • Oldham Inspiring Youth to will and conduct a DBS checked on your behalf.
  • Receive Oldham Inspiring Youth T-Shirt and Hoodie.
  • Support from partners and in-house team to attain jobs, gain experience and qualifications.
  • Safe and friendly environment

For more information and receive our Volunteer Handbook contact us today.

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