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Health of new generations is compromised culture.

Health of new generations is compromised culture.

The health of new generations is compromised by a culture of sedentary activity. That’s why parents are now looking at exercise programs for their children. However, a demanding exercise routine might not be the most beneficial for young kids, as they are still developing their bodies.

A safe and low impact workout like Pilates can have amazing benefits for children’s fitness. It can also positively impact their development in school, as it can help them be more focused on the class.


First of all, it’s fun and easy to learn, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. So, parents and teachers can also benefit from the Pilates workout!

Normally, kids would be encouraged to practice mat-based exercises with stability balls, which are easy for them to use. The sessions will include a wide range of stretches inspiring children to gain body awareness and improve their movements and postures.

This is even more important in children as their bodies are still developing!


Improves flexibility

These exercises help to maintain and increase flexibility in children’s muscles and tendons. This is not only important for practicing sports but also to support healthy growth and their overall fitness.

Helps strengthen muscles

Pilates helps improve blood circulation and strengthen the body’s core muscles. A strong core is really important as it allows a kid to maintain higher energy levels throughout the day. Therefore, this has a positive impact on concentration and schoolwork.


Pilates helps children to find their mind and body connection, teaching them how to manage their bodies and muscles in a controlled way.

Having a strong core can open up other benefits for children such as improved learning. When the incorrect posture and stability of the trunk or torso is absent, sitting down for long periods of time can result very difficult.


These types of exercises require a great breathing technique, which helps children improve their composure and concentration. It is really important for kids to know when to calm down and focus after physical exercise, and Pilates is a great combination of both.

Focused breathing techniques are also great for managing stress and improve sleep.


A lot of back problems adults have during their lives are due to incorrect back posture. Learning from an early age how to correctly position the body for the different everyday tasks – how to walk, sit down, bend over …– is key to avoid injuries or chronic aches in the future. Especially in the modern age, when kids spend a lot of hours sitting down behind a screen.

Children who practice Pilates regularly have a better posture and spinal alignment. Therefore, it will create a balanced musculature that can alleviate aches and reduce the potential for injuries as they continue to grow into their adult life.

To enroll kids and teenagers in a regular Pilates class is to invest in their future, as this could prevent issues in the future.

As Joseph Pilates said, “First educate the child”, in the belief that healthy habits started in childhood can form a foundation for healthy living throughout adulthood.

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