New World Health Organisation guidelines for physical activity

New World Health Organisation guidelines for physical activity

New guidelines have been released from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on physical activity and sedentary behaviour. The guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations for children, adolescents, adults and older adults for the amount of physical activity required for better health outcomes.

For the first time, the new guidelines also include recommendations for reducing sedentary behaviour.

These guidelines highlight the importance of regularly undertaking both aerobic and muscle strengthening activities and, importantly, there are specific recommendations for specific populations including for pregnant and postpartum women, and people living with chronic conditions or disability.

A key recommendation across all ages and population groups is that any activity is better than none, and sedentary behaviour should be limited.  If specific groups are not meeting the recommendations, good practice advises to start by doing small amounts of physical activity and gradually increase frequency, intensity and duration over time.

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