The last couple of years has been hard for everyone, to ensure children in our community can overcome the hardships the pandemic has caused mentally, Oldham Inspiring Youth along with our community partners developed Active Mind. Active Mind is funded by the Queen Platinum Jubilee funds to provide children mental support to overcome the trauma, stress and hardships the last couple of years may have caused children. 

  • Active Mind and Active You go hard in hard and provides children with mental and physical support.
  • Active You and Active Mind is funded by the Queen's Platinum Jubilee funds, the funding including purchase of bicycle, safety equipment such as helmets, venue hire and staffing cost. 
  • Active Mind combines multi-sports provisions with 1-2-1 support to aid children and families to overcome stress and create a clear pathways to get back to normality.  

For more information regarding support, programmes or clubs related to Active You or Active Mind contact one of our staff members on 07784 802186.

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