Conquer Continents

Conquer Continents

Conquer Continents takes children around the globe through Sport, by using inspirational and creative method through Conquer Continent children will enhance knowledge, develop skills and participate in sport like never before. 

Over the last decade games such as Carrom Board, Marbles and Card Slates to mention a few have been lost along the way, many children never experienced the joy, the tears and the passions many of us felt playing these wonderful games, sport activities such as Kabadi is being left behind Conquer Continents ensure children today can access games we enjoyed over the years. 

Conquer Continent create a platform to allow children to participant in activities and sport lost along the way in an open-plan setting, with support from session professionals in the activity to provide knowledge and expertise it's sure to be an environment full of joy and happiness. 

Activities on offer through Conquer Continents:

  • Carrom Board
  • Marbles 
  • Slate and Cards 
  • Tag Kabadi 
  • King & Queen 
  • Kabadi 
  • Ludu  
  • Snakes & Ladders 

How schools use Conquer Continents:

  • Before, during or afterschool clubs 
  • In-school holiday activities

Our current partner schools are using Conquer Continents as a before or afterschool club, but school can also use Conquer Continent as a lunchtime club or maybe as PPA cover. 

Why is Conquer Continents needed:

  • Opportunities for children to create passion for sport not accessible out-of-school. 
  • Develop an understanding of sport and activities from the past. 
  • Develop numerous skills, techniques and knowledge needed to excel in Conquer Continents. 
  • Create a platform games and sport from the past used to support children's health and wellbeing. 

At Oldham Inspiring Youth, we pride ourselves in providing professional programmes to maximise potential and create a clear pathway for engagement and development. As a charity founded to support children live an active lifestyle and break down any barriers children may face during participation in sports and education, we believe by partnering with Oldham Inspiring Youth you will enable us to expand our work and resources to impact lives through Oldham.

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