Creative Media

Creative Media

Creative Media provides a fantastic platform for children to develop essential skills and knowledge of the world of media. Creative Media create a platform for children to be creative, adventurous and imaginative, in addition to developing fundamental skills and knowledge through the programme.   

Creative Media is a 6 week course and has directly impacted 1000+ children through our work within communities and schools across Oldham, we want to allow every child to have access to Creative Media. Children will learn multiple skills and knowledge throughout the duration of the project. Children will have multiple opportunities to use gadgets which may not be accessible in everyday life, Creative Media create opportunities for expand and create new passions in life. 

Impact of Creative Media and feedback:

  • 98% of children worked with stated 'Creative Media has developed wide range of skills and knowledge' and 'Creative Media has helped with confidence'.
  • 90% of children who attended Creative Media stated they enjoyed the provision and would return. 
  • 95% of parents stated Creative Media is needed to enhance skills and knowledge of their child. 

"Creative Media was good, i learnt allot and really enjoyed using the all the cameras"

Turhan Ali

Creative Media Participant

"I really enjoy coming to Creative Media, it allows me to learn allot and gave me the opportunities to use different cameras, i really enjoyed working on the movie project the most"

Mohammed Ali

Creative Media Participant

"Aayan loved Creative Media and always ready to attend the club. The staff are brilliant and the club is fantastic. Aayaan can't wait for the next one.

Aayan Hussain

Creative Media Parents Feedback

Skills, Attributes and Knowledge gained through Creative Media:

  • Expand on their Creative Skills.
  • Become more Pro-Active.
  • Improve Communication Skills.
  • Enhance Problem Solving Skills 
  • Value Teamwork.

Creative Media will provide children with opportunities explore and imagine possibilities, during the course of Creative Media

  • Plan and record advertisement, reenact movies Scenes and create educational videos.
  • Short video on Online Safety to improve knowledge and achieve a better understand of the internet.
  • Short presentation presentation to explaining the positive and negative of the internet. 

How can schools use Creative Media:

  • Before, during or afterschool club.
  • School can use Creative Media apart of their holiday provision. 

At Oldham Inspiring Youth, we pride ourselves in providing professional programmes to maximise potential and create a clear pathway for engagement and development. As a charity founded to support children live an active lifestyle and break down any barriers children may face during participation in sports and education, we believe by partnering with Oldham Inspiring Youth you will enable us to expand our work and resources to impact lives through Oldham.

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