Fit Families

Fit Families

Creating an unforgettable experience for both pupils and parents is something we're extremely passionate about here at Oldham Inspiring Youth. Fit Families is a perfect opportunity to educate and create an environment the benefits physical activity to both pupils and parents, as well as providing parents with a platform to engage proactively with their child.

We support and encourage all children to participate in extra-curricular activities, introducing children to the competitive elements of different sports, working in team situations through traditional or alternative sporting activities all of which contributes to them leading a healthy lifestyle, Fit Families allows parents to understand the positive effect of physical activity mentally, physically and emotionally further more create a greater bond with their child.

Oldham Inspiring Youth was founded to fight issues surrounding children today, we feel our partnership will enable us to reach children from all walks of life and provide essential support and platform to express themselves to both pupils and parents. Schools play a huge part in children's future and we believe by involving parents, this will allow a better understanding of their child and improve essential parenting skills to implement to support their child away from the school environment.

What to expect?

  • Fit Families is developed to be flexible in delivery, to make sure time is not a barrier to creating an active environment we are able to deliver Fit Families before, during or after school.
  • Creating an active environment to maximise growth and create better connections with your child through the power of sports and recreation activities.
  • Creating an inclusive environment is paramount on developing Fit Families, by integrating sports and education we are able to create an inclusive and active environment.
  • Fit Families is delivered by experienced, qualified and knowledgeable coaches that are able to create an active, enjoyable and engaging environment for both pupils and parents.
  • Bringing sports from around the globe to schools in Oldham, from American Football to Village Game from Bangladesh we are motivated to showcase, introduce and galvanize.

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