Positive Playground

Positive Playground

Everyone at Oldham Inspiring Youth are motivated to encourage and promote health and wellbeing through physical activity and active recreation education, therefore we created Positive Playground to deliver inclusive, educational and active playground experience for each and every child.

We believe that playtime and lunchtime should be a break from the modern day pressure placed on children in the classroom on a daily basis. However, this can be a time when energy and frustration spill over into negative behaviour.

Positive Playground offers experienced and knowledgeable coaches to deliver courses to support 'Young Leaders' and 'Lunchtime Supervisors' to lead the way and deliver quality playtime and lunchtime lessons. Positive Playground can be adjusted to implement multi skills clubs to create a non-sport specific, enjoyable and challenging starting point to accelerate future sporting ambition and objectives.

We believe high quality multi-sports experience is a fantastic starting point for children on their journey towards lifelong participation or performance in sport. Positive Playground provide opportunities for children to expand skills and techniques in a physical way.

What to expect?

  • Positive Playground is delivered by qualified and experienced coaches. Our coaches ensure schools can maximise participation and enable children to explore and blossom in a positive environment.
  • We believe in creating an inclusive environment for all children. Positive Playground is developed to enhance participation and leads the way in creating an active, inclusive and fun environment.
  • Positive Playground leads the way in bringing sports from around the globe to communities and schools. We present schools the opportunities to provide an expansive range of sports activities.
  • Positive Playground allows schools to create an environment to accelerate learning and develop essential skills and techniques to maximise potential of every child.
  • We understand and acknowledge every school is unique, therefore we make certain Positive Playground is tailored to meet individual school ambitions and requirements for the programme. 

At Oldham Inspiring Youth, we pride ourselves in providing professional programmes to maximise potential and create a clear pathway for engagement and development. As a charity founded to support children live an active lifestyle and break down any barriers children may face during participation in sports and education, we believe by partnering with Oldham Inspiring Youth you will enable us to expand our work and resources to impact lives through Oldham.

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